That’s a Wrap on 2020!

And what a year it was. This website served to link thousands of people to the important story of Illinois’ role in the woman’s suffrage movement – a story that was mostly forgotten and untold. We strived to give voice to those women from long ago who made the movement happen here – and made Illinois a significant player in the national movement. We hoped to broaden and illuminate the national story – and ensure that these women would be remembered for their intelligence, creativity and tenacity.

Pro-Suffrage Protesters in Chicago, 1916.

Some thanks are in order. Thank you to everyone who visited this website and shared our links and information. Thank you to the Evanston History Center and its support of this work from the beginning. Thank you to the students from the Loyola University of Chicago Fall 2019 Introduction to Public History class who wrote so many of the blog posts and helped us tell more of the story. Thank you to the many volunteers who researched and wrote biographies for suffragists and created curriculum for students to use – and otherwise made it all possible. Thank you to those who planned events, programs and exhibits – many of which had to be postponed or moved online.

It has been a journey – this year. The suffrage anniversary did not happen as we imagined it – but it did happen and we learned a lot in the process. Take a minute and explore this website. Get inspired by the stories you find and share them widely. The work continues and we believe you can find sustenance in the past – to face the challenges of the present and change the future.


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