Introducing Rethinking Suffrage 2020

How do you teach the history of female suffrage so that it resonates with students? This is the question I wrestled with over the winter and spring of 2019 while developing the online suffrage curriculum for the Suffrage 2020 Illinois website. After many years of teaching women’s history at Lake Forest College, I knew firsthand … Continue reading Introducing Rethinking Suffrage 2020

Abundant Caution: the Vote on June 17, 1919

On June 17, 1919 the Illinois legislature voted for a second time to ratify the 19th Amendment. They did this to ensure that the original vote on June 10th would not be questioned due to a procedural error. On June 10th the language that the legislature voted on included one incorrect word. Suffragists in the … Continue reading Abundant Caution: the Vote on June 17, 1919