On Monday, June 10th, Illinois League members and supporters will be gathering at Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago for the commemoration of June 10th, 2019 as Women’s Right to Vote Day. There will be several dignitaries from all levels of government and the day will include a short speech from LWVIL Executive Director Audra Wilson about the importance of the League in securing voting rights for ALL citizens. More can be found on LWVIL social media. League members and supporters are encouraged to wear white to celebrate the suffragists that came before and to show the crowd just how many LWVIL members and supporters are in attendance.

This special celebration is to recognize that 100 years ago on June 10th, 1919, Illinois became the FIRST to ratify the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote. 

In June of 2019, artist Marilyn Artus will begin traveling the path of ratification and collaborate with a female artist in all 36 states. Each will create a stripe that she will stitch together onsite in their capital city. More details on her visit to Illinois on June 12th on her social media and website. (We in Illinois will choose to disagree with her selection of Wisconsin as her first stop, leaving Illinois to June 12th. We know who really was first!)

From the League of Women Voters in Glenview/Glencoe – a lecture on June 26th that will include the story of Elizabeth Knox Booth, a Glencoe suffragist. For more, visit the Featured Biographies page where we have a biography of Booth.

Send details of other anniversary events and we will post as appropriate.